Liputan Kegiatan Upgrading Bahasa Inggris – SMA Integral Hidayatullah Batam

Conclusion about this program Upgrading English The speaker conveyed how to improve English language skills and provided information about culture, education, and religion. In the English upgrading event, the students were very enthusiastic to ask their curiosity in learning English to increase. They competed to ask the two speakers Mr. Parritosh and Miss. Pallavi explores how to learn English effectively.

The two speakers were very open to the students so that students enjoyed talking to them. With the explanations of the two speakers, students were interested in visiting India to study at the best universities in India with various majors such as medicine, law, engineering and teacher education. I hope that after participating in today’s English upgrading event, can increase students’ interest in learning, especially in learning the 4 skills in English, confident in speaking English, enriching English vocabulary and listening to audios about learning English.

And I am an English teacher representing Hidayatullah Integral High School, I want to thank you for taking the time to be a speaker at the Upgrading English event today. If as a moderator there are many wrong words in conveying the event, please forgive me.

Reported by : Bayu Dwi Sulaksono, S.Pd. – SMA Integral Hidayatullah Batam

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